Twitter Goes Wild Over Trent Franks Resignation: Tried ‘To Make The Handmaid’s Tale Real’


Earlier today, news broke that Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) is resigning from Congress at the end of January. After it was reported that this was coming in the wake of rumors of inappropriate behavior, it was revealed that Franks was being investigated by the House Ethics Committee over “credible claims of misconduct,” as described by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Franks released his own statement claiming that he was being investigated because he approached two female staffers about the possibility of serving as a surrogate to his child. While he acknowledged that the discussion made the women uncomfortable and that he deeply regretted it, he also stated that it was the inability for his wife to conceive that led him down the path of speaking insensitively on the matter with others.

The Republican lawmaker concluded that he would be “unable to complete a fair House Ethics investigation before distorted and sensationalized versions of this story would put me, my family, my staff, and my noble colleagues in the House of Representatives through hyperbolized public excoriation.” Therefore, the way he put it, his only choice was to resign.

As one would imagine, the internet had lots to say over this pretty sensational story. And quite a bit of it had to do with the Congressman’s statement on the whole affair.

We also saw a variety of other takes:

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