Twitter Is Really Depressed by WSJ Analyzing How Nuclear War Would Impact the Economy


As war between America and North Korea becomes increasingly possible, The Wall Street Journal decided to examine what could happen to the world’s financial markets in the face of nuclear conflict.

Analysis gathered by Mike Bird and Riva Gold suggests that the market for investment banking will come to a worldwide halt since fewer people would be prepared to take on the increased risk factor. The piece goes on to predict that various international currencies will experience significant value fluctuation, share markets will fall by at least 20 percent, and global stock will react in accordance to the duration of the U.S.-North Korean conflict.

Some analysts say there’s sufficient data to predict that market reactions will return to normal if the current spat is another temporary moment in international politics. As for WSJ‘s initial question, however, many Twitter users decided to answer with comments about how nuclear conflict will cause the death of capitalism, along with the rest of the planet.

[Image via National Nuclear Security Administration]

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