Twitter Mocks Breitbart Article on Weinstein WH Visits: ‘An Accused Sexual Predator in the White House?!’

The New York Times released a huge expose on Harvey Weinstein’s numerous sexual harassment allegations this week, which conservative media has been attempting to capitalize on by highlighting the Hollywood mogul’s ties to the Democrat Party.

Breitbart News, the staunchly pro-Trump media site, attempted to do just that by publishing a piece listing Weinstein’s visits to the White House while Barack Obama was president. However, their gotcha-attempt was an airball as the site got roasted on Twitter for attacking Democrats and Weinstein when their man President Donald Trump has similar accusations going against him. Of course, this week being the one year anniversary of the The Washington Post releasing the tape of Trump bragging about sexual harassment didn’t do right-wing media any favors either.

“Just imagine, an accused sexual predator in the White House[,] the White House! Where the president lives!” Snarked writer Simon Maloy in a viral tweet.

Many others fired off similar tweets calling out hypocrisy from Trump-supporters and Breitbart on the issue of allying with an alleged sexual assaulter:

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