Lavar Ball Makes Zero Sense In Unhinged, Combative and Crazy Interview with Chris Cuomo


Don’t say you weren’t warned!

CNN hyped up a Monday night interview with nutso sports dad LaVar Ball, who recently got himself embroiled in a feud with President Donald Trump. As you may recall, Ball’s son LiAngelo and two other UCLA basketball players got themselves in hot water over shoplifting charges in China. Following Trump’s visit to Asia, the players were allowed to return to the United States, leading Trump to ask if they would thank him. While the players quickly did, LaVar Ball downplayed the president’s involvement, causing Trump to lash out at him on Twitter.

Almost immediately, the interview went completely off the rails. While Chris Cuomo tried his hardest to make this an actual, legit news interview, Ball had no interest in treating it seriously, as he held hard to the clownish troll persona he’s carefully cultivated since coming to prominence.

So, what were the highlights — or lowlights — of this whole 20+ minute segment? For one, there were the multiple times that Ball insisted he wasn’t saying anything about the president. There was also the part where he said he “had some things done” and “talked to some people that did some things too.” When Cuomo asked who he was talking about, Ball just told him it didn’t matter.

We witnessed the CNN anchor valiantly try to get Ball to acknowledge whether or not the president helped a bit in getting his boy and the other players home. At one point, Ball answered by saying “if he said he helped, that’s good for his mind.”

Also, there was the back-and-forth where Ball insisted that Cuomo say “thank you” to him. When the CNN host tried to tell him he’d do that at the end, Ball just kept asking Cuomo why he wouldn’t thank him. Eventually, Cuomo relented, saying he was being nice to him. This, naturally, led to an argument, with Ball further wondering why Cuomo was even thanking him.

(This is not a joke, and yes, it was that exasperating.)

Even at the end of the whole crazy interview, Ball wouldn’t just call it quits without drawing it out and making a scene because of course.

Watch the clips above, via CNN.

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