Twitter Users Demonstrate Yet Again How Much They Live For Nostalgia


We’ve already used this space to muse on Millennials’ strange obsession with premature nostalgia, but did you know that a tendency toward near-constant — and often wistful — retrospection is not limited to the young? Really! Anyone can be overwhelmed by their own mortality and faux-jokingly express the fear of their specialized skill set becoming obsolete as technology advances at a rapid pace! It happens all the time on the Internet. It’s a modern version of your grandfather’s performative superiority about how much better his generation was at hard work. For proof, look at what has happened today:

Music correspondent Eric Alper got a lot of engagement when he questioned what sort of tech or trend his followers could remember that someone younger would not.

There were, of course, some snarky responses and genuinely funny jokes:

In short, technology has advanced and made our lives easier.

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Lindsey: Twitter. Facebook.

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