TX Company Truck Ends Up in Syria, Being Used by Terrorists; Owner Has No Idea How

The picture to the left here has appeared on Islamic social media sites, including the Twitter feed of an Islamic militant group. The truck was reportedly in Syria, which is strange, because the logo on the side is from a Texas plumbing company and the owner has no idea how it got into Syria.

Mark-1 Plumbing owner Mark Oberholtzer traded in the truck last year, with the name of the company apparently still on it, and it was sold around a few times before somehow ending up in Syria, being used as an anti-aircraft firing weapon.

Oberholtzer is just flabbergasted at how this whole thing has happened, and insisted, “We have nothing to do with terror at all.” The reason he has to say that is because he’s been getting angry (and even some threatening) phone calls from all over the country.

Watch KHOU’s report here:

[image via screengrab]

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