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Um…New Book Alleges That Paris Hilton Smuggled Drugs With Her Lady Parts

Gawker has just published an excerpt of a newly released and unauthorized tell-all book called FLASH! Bars, Boobs, and Busted: 5 Years on the Road with Girls Gone Wild . The book is reported to be a revealing portrayal of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, and the passage excerpted on Gawker shares some rather bizarre and graphic details of how celebutante Paris Hilton was alleged to travel with illicit substances tucked away most privately.

The full excerpt is a rather fascinating read that may require the reader to want to bathe after reading. It alleges how the writer of the book, Ryan Simkin claims to have helped Francis procure some cocaine and ecstasy pills for Ms. Hilton, and dropped the package off with the starlet while she was changing clothes during a fashion shoot for Seventeen magazine. Spoiler Alert – she puts package containing the drugs in her…well, better if we let the author tell the story:

We walked in, and she was naked. She was waiting for her next dress or whatever, but had already taken off her old dress. For the record, I’m a big fan of that move. She asked me if it was any trouble getting it, and I told her not really. I took out the Camel box and handed it to her, and she thanked me. We talked for a minute or two about the apparent difficulty of procuring those drugs in Europe. I asked if she was flying private, and she said, “No, commercial.” And then as politely as I could, I asked her how she planned on traveling with that amount of blow and X. She held the box in her right hand, and then with an underhand swoop like a lower case J, she demonstrated exactly how she intended to beat airport security. She even whistled as she did it. A little alley-oop with the Camel Box, straight up her snatch. Classic. Right after that they came in with her next outfit, and she put it on. She said we could stay for a while and watch, but we were tired, and our work there was done. We hugged, said our goodbyes, and my roommate and I went back to the car to go home. I don’t think we said five words to each other the entire car ride. I spoke to Joe a couple weeks later. He thanked me again for the favor and said it all arrived safe.

One can probably imagine that this is not the way that Ms. Hilton recalls the events as they have been described by Mr. Simkin, and that a team of crack advisers are likely crafting a clear and pointed denial of these allegations.

This is but a very small portion of the entire excerpt, which can be read in full at Gawker.

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