USA Today Runs Op-Ed on Arming Teachers from… InfoWars’ Jerome Corsi

USA Today today ran an op-ed in which the author argues in favor of arming teachers. Now, there are certainly a lot of people who favor or oppose arming teachers, but this specific argument was written by InfoWars’ Jerome Corsi.

Yes, the infamous conspiracy theorist and birther who currently works as Washington bureau chief for InfoWars wrote an op-ed that ran in USA Today.

“Psychologically disturbed adolescents who may be contemplating copy-cat school shootings,” he writes, “could be deterred only by hardening the target — a goal that can be accomplished, in part, by allowing those teachers and staff who are qualified and disposed to carry concealed weapons to undergo the training required to do so responsibly.”

So why did USA Today run a piece written by someone from InfoWars? Per The Daily Beast, editorial page editor Bill Sternberg offered this statement:

“USA TODAY’s Opposing View shows readers more than one point of view on an issue. Our signature debate format reinforces our reputation for fairness, which is one of our core values,” he said. “Today’s Opposing View issue and author have caused much debate and feedback. The Opposing View on arming teachers has been updated with more information about author Jerome R. Corsi.”

Corsi’s brief bio at the bottom of the op-ed was updated to include his work for InfoWars.

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