Veep Hopeful Gingrich: Trump ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing,’ Needs to ‘Quit Screwing Up’

It was a rough weekend for some Veepstakes contestants. One late entry in the Republican field, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, came on strong last week, but may have stumbled around the turn into the home stretch this weekend. In an appearance at the Aspen ideas festival Saturday, Gingrich played reluctant and coy about his chances of making it onto presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s ticket, but made up for it by repeatedly telling the audience that Trump “doesn’t really know what he’s doing,” just like Obama, and that Trump really needs to “quit screwing up”:

Trump has said over and over again he needs a vice president who understands Washington, because he doesn’t…

…Trump’s job is to quit screwing up, and get the election down to three or four issues, all of which come down to a single concept: enough.

Gingrich went on to recover nicely by explaining how it is that Trump has succeeded while speaking “at a fourth-grade level”:

Maybe the lesson here is that when Newt Gingrich tells you he’s really not sure he wants to be vice president, you should believe him.

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