‘Vile and Really Sad’: Twitter Blows Up at Breitbart for Calling Bill Kristol a ‘Renegade Jew’


It seems that a great deal of the digital Twittersphere is less-than-pleased that Breitbart decided to slam conservative commentator Bill Kristol by referring to him as a “renegade Jew.”

For months, Breitbart and its staff have fended off implications that the site is in the tank for Donald Trump, while Kristol has expressed disapproval with the man and said he would support a potential conservative third-party alternative. Mediaite’s Alex Griswold broke down the front page column, which asserts that Kristol’s refusal to back Trump is akin to supporting President Obama and Hillary Clinton and allowing their policies to continue endangering Israel and those of the Jewish faith.

Understandably enough, Breitbart’s headline hasn’t been going over very well on Twitter. “Renegade Jew” continues to trend on Twitter where a bipartisan mix of people have come out to mock or outright hit the site back for the slight on Kristol.

Even one of Breitbart’s biggest former names didn’t show mercy.

Kristol doesn’t seem to have responded yet on Twitter, but Tim Mak of The Daily Beast had this:

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