The Non-Strahan Era of Live! Begins With Jimmy Kimmel Jabs: ‘Where’s Michael?’


After a contentious month on the set — and certainly behind the scenes — of ABC’s Live!, Friday marked the final episode of Michael Strahan‘s tenure as cohost opposite Kelly Ripa. The last episode that the NFL Hall of Famer sat in the chair for ended amicably enough — Ripa gifted her partner of four years with a bronzed set of stiletto high heels that he once wore during a Halloween episode of the show. But there is no denying that the friction between the cohosts was frequently reported on, and Monday marked the first episode in the new era of guest cohosts.

Filling Strahan’s size 16 high heels was Jimmy Kimmel, on loan from Los Angeles, a good friend of Ripa’s who has guest hosted the program in the past. And as expected, the comedian and late night host addressed the elephant in the room head on.

“Where’s Michael?” he asked confusingly as soon as he sat down.

“That’s right, you don’t read newspapers, I forgot!” joked Ripa in response. She mentioned that in keeping with tradition, Kimmel was serving as the default go-to to fill the void after a vacancy in the chair to her left.

“I’m like the ex-boyfriend you go back to for sex after you break up with your husband,” Kimmel joked. The network has announced that a rotating cast of guest cohosts will fill the vacancy until a more permanent host is chosen to replace Strahan, who will begin his full-time opportunity with Good Morning America in September. Watch the above exchange from ABC’s Live!

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