comScore Viral ‘Dear Fat People’ Video Comedian Loses Out on Possible Film Project

Viral ‘Dear Fat People’ Video Comedian Loses Out on Possible Film Project

The viral video hit, “Dear Fat People” has gained over three and a half million views on YouTube, as well as the internet reaction machine’s ire, for comedian Nicole Arbour. According to TIME, however, the six-minute video prevented Arbour from having the chance to work on an upcoming film project.

When TIME spoke to the comedian on Thursday, she refused to apologize for her video, which many were calling another example of “fat shaming.”

“I feel it’s really important that we make fun of everybody,” she said. “I think [what] brings us together and unites us as people is that we can poke fun at all of us.”

According to director Pat Mills, who claims he was in discussions with Arbour to choreograph his film Don’t Talk to Irene, the video’s content and the anger it generated caused him to back off the YouTube star.

“A lot of people think it’s okay to publicly shame fat people and we need to fight back and say this is just as offensive as homophobia and just as offensive as sexism,” he told the magazine. “If you say these things, you should lose a job.”

Arbour, meanwhile, claims she was never attached to the film, and that Mills is “using my YouTube story as a reason to get a low budget film that has not yet even started production press.”

Check out the original video below, via Nicole Arbour:

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