#VoteYourOssoff Trends On Twitter As Georgia Special Election Fever Builds

Jon Ossoff

As Georgia’s special election in the sixth congressional district prepares to wrap after 417 years of campaigning and tens of millions of dollars spent (that last part is actually true), fans of Democrat Jon Ossoff are rallying behind their man on Twitter with the hashtag #VoteYourOssoff.

Like most of the money behind him, the biggest proponents of the hashtag were out of state blue checks looking to tip the scales in his favor.

If Ossoff falls short tonight, the likes, retweets and engagement these generate will certainly ease the pain of their creators.

During first round of voting, celebrities invaded the district on behalf of Ossoff. The actor John Leguizamo urged voter to get woke for the first time candidate. Constituents in the Conservative district ultimately were not woke enough to put Ossoff over the top in the first round of voting — thus necessitating the dramatic showdown we have before us.

[image via screengrab]

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