Washington Post Op-Ed By ‘WASP’ Complaining About Her Jewish Ex-Boyfriends Draws Backlash


“I can now say with certainty that I am tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion,” journalist Carey Purcell writes in a Washington Post op-ed, published Monday morning, about dating Jewish men.

“At first glance, I fulfill the stereotypes of a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP),” she explains. “I’m blond, often wear pearls and can mix an excellent, and very strong, martini.”

Since moving to New York, Purcell writes that she had “two serious relationships with Jewish men who at first said religion didn’t matter — and then backtracked and decided it did.” And while Judaism is “a religious faith and culture [she has] grown to love and respect,” she blames the religion for the demise of both of her relationships.

Purcell continues that she was considered by her two former lovers as a “last act of defiance against cultural or familial expectations” — as the two men went on to date Jewish women — “the equivalent of a woman dating a motorcycle-driving, leather-jacket wearing ‘bad boy’ before settling down with a banker with a 9-5 job.”

And, in remarkable conclusion, Purcell wraps up the op-ed by revealing a cocktail she’s “determined to create”:

In the meantime, I’ll continue dating and meeting my friends — Jewish and not — to swap Tinder horror stories over drinks, hopefully while sipping the cocktail I’m determined to create, named “A Jewish Man’s Rebellion.” I’d like it to feature a bourbon base and be garnished with a slice of bacon.

The bizarre op-ed — in which the author essentially complains that her two latest breakups were actually the faults of her ex-boyfriends for being Jewish — naturally drew the ire and mockery of Twitter, with many commentators questioning why the Washington Post would publish such offensive drivel:

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