Watch Alex Jones Rant About ’10 Guys Running The Train’ On His Wife, ‘Hypothetically…’


So, hypothetically, if ten guys ran the train on Alex Jones‘ wife, it would be a major fiasco.

Jones went on a hypothetical rant on this topic on InfoWars Thursday seemingly as an analogy to the Mueller investigation against President Donald Trump.

“If I come home and my wife’s got a line of ten guys in the bed with her and she jumps up and says ‘Screw you, I heard you were cheating on me,’ we don’t have a two-year investigation about whether she was cheating or not,” Jones said. “I just caught my wife, hypothetically, with ten guys running a train on her ass.”

(The Mueller investigation has only been going on for one year, but that’s beside the point. Keep going, Alex.)

“They’ve got video cameras set up, they’re filming it for PornHub – hypothetically,” he continued. “If I celebrate a year later, that she had an investigation about me, and she didn’t find me cheating on her, ‘Well, a year later, honey. You didn’t catch me cheating on you, it wasn’t true,’ she’s like ‘Yeah, dumbass. You caught ten guys running a train on me for a porn site.'”

His wife hypothetically elaborates: “‘You walked in while they were lined up and I changed the subject like a Jedi mind trick, “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for,”‘ see what I mean? ‘Cause it’s the same level.”

So, to try and trace the analogy, Mueller is Jones’ wife in this scenario, who has somehow been caught doing something wrong, and then he has an investigation done against Trump and finds no evidence against him, and when Trump celebrates that, he says, “Well, the real victory was that you focused on me not finding any dirt on you and instead ignored the fact that I did something wrong”…?

You know what? No. It’s too convoluted. Just watch the video above and decide for yourself whether Alex Jones would kinda sorta maybe like to see ten guys running the train on his wife.

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