WATCH: Ben Carson’s Cameo in 2003 Comedy Stuck on You

Ben-Carson-e1439483450313-300x198Long before he ever spoke at the White House Prayer Breakfast, and long before he ever launched a presidential run, Dr. Ben Carson starred as himself in the 2003 Farrelly Brothers comedy Stuck on You.

The movie is about the waaaaacky hijinks and adventures of a pair of conjoined twins played by Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. But in the movie’s third act, they decide to attempt surgical separation. And who better to attempt separating conjoined twins than Dr. Ben Carson?

At the time, Carson told The Balitmore Sun that he was approached by the producer, a Baltimore native, and agreed after getting assurances the comedy wouldn’t be raunchy or offensive. “I think people will be quite touched by it, it’s actually quite a sensitive movie,” he said.

Carson was in three scenes, and actually gets two lines: “I don’t know quite how to tell you guys this, but we lost them,” he tells the conjoined twins’ girlfriends after the surgery.

But then another doctor comes in to the waiting room: “Dr. Carson? Good news, we found Bob and Walt. Someone took them upstairs.”

“Fantastic. By the way, the surgery was a smashing success,” Carson responds, earning him a shove from Eva Mendes‘ character.

Watch the abridged scenes below:

[Image via screengrab]
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