WATCH: Beyoncé’s Stylist Gets All Judgy About the Candidates’ Fashion


Much has been said about how female figureheads and politicians are subject to sexist outfit scrutiny, and it’s true that Hillary Clinton‘s clothing is often given more regard than that of her presidential rivals on both sides of the aisle. Wendy Davis and other female politicians have faced similar issues, which have received plenty of coverage.

There’s one person out there who can’t be accused of sexism, though, because he doesn’t care who is wearing the clothes so long as they’re presentable. Beyoncé‘s stylist, Ty Hunter, created a video in partnership with NYLON to shine light on the triumphs and failures of the frontrunning candidates in their strut down the campaign trail.


Hunter was pretty kind to Clinton, saying he would like to see her in something a little more casual on the weekends. He didn’t play nice with Ted Cruz, who has “no signature” and is “all over the place.” On Cruz’s failure to have a distinct style, he said the following:

You can be any of the other candidates for Halloween, but you can’t be him.

He suggested that Cruz’s weekend wear would be an old college sweatshirt, too. Makes sense.

Bernie Sanders was labeled “simple and cool and clean” and while Hunter would like to see the candidate in Gucci, he said he was sure Sanders would fight it. Sanders, after all, isn’t too big on money.

Watch above to see what he had to say about Donald Trump, a man who has had his own line of ties and check out the Ty-Lite, a phone case with a light built in, just the way Clinton likes it.

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