WATCH: Black Woman Stands in Front of 300 Marching Neo-Nazis With Her Fist Raised

This weekend, 300 neo-Nazis from the far-right group known as the Nordic Resistance Movement marched in the town of Borlange. 42-year-old activist Tess Asplund wasn’t feeling it. She tried to stand in front of the marchers in an act of defiance and the images of the black woman with her fist in the air have now spread around the world.

She even got praise from one very lofty source:

She was pushed out of the way by the advancing group, as was another counter-protester, but her message is still being heard.

According to the AP, she said, “I have fought against racism for 26 years. I am 42 now. And if this is a thing that makes people pay attention to the fight against racism and xenophobia, then that’s very good. But I don’t want people to see me as a symbol. There were a lot of others who were there against the racists in Borlange.”

Here in America, our neo-Nazis and white supremacists just tweet at our presidential candidates in the hopes they’ll get retweeted. Sometimes, they volunteer for campaigns.

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