Watch Boston Sports Freak Ben Affleck’s Priceless Reaction After Being Told the Patriots Were Losing

Give Ben Affleck this: The man is not a poser.

Not when it comes to Boston sports, at least. He geniunely, totally, passionately loves the teams from his hometown. (Sometimes, perhaps, a little too much.)

Observe below, in this video via Sports Illustrated, Affleck’s totally candid reaction after being told that his beloved New England Patriots were on the verge of defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

“Rex Ryan?!” He said incredulously, wondering allowed how Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan (who, some reports suggested, was on the verge of being fired) could possibly get the best of the mighty Pats.

A few seconds went by, and then Affleck added, for good measure, “F***!”

The good news for Affleck and the rest of the Patriots fans is that Tom Brady (and his hair) are about to return from suspension to dominate the AFC East again, probably take on the Cleveland Browns.

[image via screengrab]

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