Watch Colbert Scramble His Way Through a Segment-Gone-Wrong Tech Failure


Television can be hard. Sometimes the cameras catch you doing things you aren’t expecting, and other times — like Thursday night at the Ed Sullivan Theater — tech problems can plague even the sharpest of productions.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was set to introduce a new segment called “The Wheel of News”, sort of a Wheel-of-Fortune contraption displayed on the ceiling that would stop on “random” topics to set up Colbert’s next bit. But…

“That’s not working,” Colbert admitted to his crowd.

The next best thing was to use an assistant, The Late Show‘s Brendan Hurley, to operate the run-and-gun segment using the wheel’s toy design model, as the young man provided all of the sound effects (or at least tried to) to make the bit work.

Despite the duo’s best effort to keep the segment going with the replacement solution, it quickly devolved into Colbert faking the spin of the wheel, then asking his audience to imagine it was working correctly. At one point, the comedian embraced his assistant in the middle of the botched late night segment, and he said simply, “I will love you forever for being with me at this moment”.

While searching the wheel for the preplanned segue to end the bit, Colbert nervously asked Hurley, “Is it on here? It better be, because it’s the outro to the whole damn act.” The selection on the wheel they were looking for, of course, was the one named “commercial break”.

Watch the above video from CBS.
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J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite.

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