WATCH: iPad DJ RanaJune’s High-Concept iPad Video (Filmed Via iPhone)

Does Rana Sobhany hate musical instruments? No, she just doesn’t need them — her instrument is the iPad, from whence she has been crafting crowd-pleasing beats pretty much since the tech-toy’s launch. Literally:

The idea first came to her while waiting in line at an Apple Store on the iPad’s launch day. Less than two weeks later she was was performing at the very first iPad Dev Camp in San Jose, mixing beats and samples from a variety of commercial iPad applications.

From the novelty of being “the first iPad DJ” came an actual career. Per TechCrunch:

Since April, Rana June Sobhany has done 55 shows on 3 continents. She’s getting paid up to 5-figures per gig, and has played historic venues from the House of Blues in Los Angeles to New York’s Webster Hall. Over 100,000 people have heard her music live.

And now comes her first video: a super-cute twist on dating in New York City (or anywhere) set to her song “Solace”. The song was composed entirely on the iPad, and the video was shot on the iPhone 4. It’s also really, really cute. Note cameos from FourSquare’s Naveen Selvadurai and Aviary’s Michael Galpert. Love the bit with the spinach. Watch it with a smidge of “Wow the world has really come a long way in 2010, eh?” head-spinniness below.

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