Watch Michael Phelps Distract a College Basketball Free-Thrower by Dancing in a Speedo


PicMonkey Collage - PhelpsOlympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has been spending a lot of time at Arizona State University recently, swimming and training for this year’s competition in Rio. Last night, Phelps took a break for the ASU Sun Devils basketball game against Oregon State, and he really put himself out there by taking part in one of the most infamous aspects of the school’s student section.

In a strange but extremely funny school tradition, the school’s undergraduate fans, called the 942 Crew, have a designated area behind one of their baskets to distract rival teams whenever they take free throws. Known as the Curtain of Distraction, the Washington Post noted how any number of mysterious and horrifying things can emerge from it: from Elvis Presley impersonators, to twerking farm animals.

Last night, the 942 Crew announced that Phelps would be part of their latest prank, and when they emerged… they certainly distracted.

Yup, that was Phelps taking off his clothes with two other students, wearing only his medals, a swim cap, and a speedo while Oregon State’s Stephen Thompson Jr. took free throws. Thompson ended up missing both of his shots, so whether he was blinded by the ultra-masculine display or not, Phelps can probably chalk that up as a win.

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