WATCH: Pro-Trump Guest Clashes With April Ryan, Joan Walsh Over Border Policy in Wild CNN Panel Meltdown


A CNN panel melted down on Monday night during an intense debate over the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant families at the U.S. border.

In a highly contentious segment on OutFront, Amy Kremer — co-founder of a group called Women for Trump — and CNN contributor April Ryan battled over the border policy. The fireworks began when Kremer asked Ryan in a raised voice, “Do you have a problem with a wall, April?!”

“I am a reporter,” Ryan replied. “Why are you coming at me about a wall?!”

She added, “Don’t put this on me. This is your president.”

Ryan maintained that she was not assigning blame for the policy, but rather the lack of a solution.

“This president can fix it,” Ryan said.

And then, in a moment of total exasperation, she exclaimed, “I’m done.

CNN contributor Joan Walsh jumped in.

“They’re using children as hostages to get their wall,” Walsh said.

“That is not true, Joan!” Kremer said.

Host Erin Burnett pointed out that moments earlier, Kremer herself had advocated for the wall in order to fix the issue.

“Why are these things even in the same sentence?” Burnett said. “You said, ‘Then give me the wall.'”

Kremer then claimed that the Obama administration had the same policy — a claim promptly fact-checked by Burnett, Ryan, and Walsh.

The debate only grew more heated from there. Watch above, via CNN.

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