WATCH: Rep. Duncan Hunter Greeted With ‘Lock Him Up!’ Chants While Walking into Court


Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter of California was greeted with chants of “lock him up!” today after he and his wife Margaret Hunter arrived at a federal courthouse in San Diego to face charges of abusing the lawmaker’s campaign funds for personal use.

Hunter and his wife, who also served as his campaign manager, pleaded not guilty to the charges, but hecklers outside the courthouse apparently already cast their verdict.

“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” The raucous crowd chanted — mimicking the slogan used by supporters of President Donald Trump to attack former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Hunters alleged campaign fund misuse includes spending a quarter of a million dollars on an international trip to Italy, a trip to Hawaii, rounds of golf, In n’ Out Burger meals, and even tuition, thus the two were charged with trying to hide their unlawful expenditures. The bonds for the couple were set at $15,000 for the lawmaker and $10,000 for his wife.

“I believe in our American system of justice, I support our system of justice. I cannot say the same, however, for those within our justice system that have a political agenda to harm those with whom they differ,” Duncan said in a lengthy statement aimed at combating the charges. “The fact is that there is a culture operating within our Justice Department that is politically motivated.”

Hunter’s legal representation his repeated the same talking points, claiming that the charges are just a politisized plot to hurt the congressman before his upcoming election.

Watch above, via NBC 7 San Diego.

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