Watch Secret Service Swoop In to Protect Bernie Sanders, Beat Animal Rights Protesters


On Monday, a group of animal rights protesters who have obviously never looked at the top of Donald Trump’s head decided they were going to disrupt a Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland, California. The Secret Service immediately sprang into action when protesters began jumping the barricade to rush the stage, apprehending the activists and protecting Sanders. As the protesters were perp-walked right behind him, Bernie continued his speech with a message to those who would disrupt his rallies: “We don’t get intimidated easily!”

As you can see from the video below, at least one of the protesters took several blows from a Secret Service baton:

The Secret Service don’t play!

A few minutes later, another animal rights protester tried to interrupt Sanders as well, shouting “Save the animals, Bernie!”, but she was “handled” by supporters in the crowd:

The group that claimed responsibility for the disruption is Direct Action Everywhere, and has protested Sanders in the past over what they say is his support for factory farms:

“Bernie Sanders claims to support the ‘good’ farms,” activist Rachel Ziegler said in the statement. “But as our repeated investigations have shown, even the ‘good’ farms are horrific.”

Bernie Sanders, it should be noted, has the best record of any candidate on animal welfare, scoring an average of 97% for the last eleven years on the Humane Society Legislative Fund’ s scorecard. Hillary Clinton averaged 92% while she was in the senate, and although Donald Trump obviously has not been rated, other Republicans like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have achieved scores of 12% and 4%, respectively.

Protesters rushed the stage at a Donald Trump event in March. You can judge for yourself which candidate reacted more courageously.

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