Watch This Explosive CNNi Segment That Fox News Has Been Ridiculing


Fox News loves to take aim at its competitors and highlight what the network feels is unfair and biased coverage. So a CNN International segment that aired yesterday fell right into their wheelhouse since it featured an anchor and other panelists getting combative with a Trump supporter over the use of anonymous sources in reporting.

Last night, Tucker Carlson used the segment as a centerpiece of his show-opening monologue, mocking anchor Kate Bolduan for her over-the-top reaction to ex-Navy SEAL Carl Higbie when he expressed skepticism over the accuracy of unnamed sources in recent reports about the White House. The Fox News ridicule carried over this morning when the Fox & Friends hosts felt Higbie got ganged up by the rest of the panel, claiming he got “berated.”

Watch the Fox & Friends reaction below:

So, just how crazy was the entire segment? Well, it definitely went off the rails.

Higbie, speaking about the reports on Trump’s sharing of highly classified information with Russia, criticized the fact that nobody’s name was attached as a source. When he said they should put their names out, Bolduan pushed back, pointing out that multiple outlets had verified the story. This led to Higbie shooting back that these sources are hiding behind anonymity, Bolduan lost it, saying that he “cannot attack the stellar reporting of CNN,” especially since they are protecting their sources.

“I don’t believe them because their names are staying anonymous,” Higbie responded. “If they stand behind the story, come out and face the camera.”

Higbie was then peppered by Bolduan and the other panelists. Kristen Powers wanted to know if he thought Watergate was a fake story since it was uncovered via anonymous sources. Keith Boykin chastised the veteran, stating that Higbie is better than this and that he was ashamed for him.

And it went on and on and on like that.

Was Fox News right to hammer this segment? Watch the whole crazy thing at the top of the post and decide for yourself.

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