WATCH: Video Seems to Show Kim Kardashian’s Robbers


Check out what our friends at Gossip Cop found over at TMZ!

We’ve been doing our best to keep you updated on the story of Kim Kardashian West‘s robbery from earlier this month. Millions of dollars in jewelry were taken from the mobile game mogul as she was tied up, gagged, and put in a bathtub while staying at a luxury residence in France. It wasn’t funny; obviously, it terrified her and her family and the lack of information we have regarding the suspects and the residence makes it that much scarier, so there are a lot of questions remaining about the future. Today’s revelation of some security footage might help, though!

The video shows three people on bicycles approaching the residence with two trailing on foot. About 50 minutes later, the group is scene heading the opposite direction and one of the cyclists has a bag!

This isn’t the first bit of good news that has come out of the situation. One piece of Kardashian West’s jewelry was found on the street outside of the residence.

It isn’t all good news, though. Gossip Cop reports what may or may not happen like this:

But due to the distance between the alleged perpetrators and the camera, none of the faces are clearly visible. It’s unclear if investigators plan to use video enhancement tools to get a better look at the possible culprits. French authorities have not named any suspects in the case, and most of the millions in jewelry that was stolen from Kardashian remains missing.

Surely, visitors to and residents of Paris will be glad when the authorities finally figure out who perpetrated the robbery.

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