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Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be briefing the press this afternoon, and a LOT of news has happened since the last briefing.

No doubt there will be a lot of questions about Education Secretary Betsy DeVostrainwreck of an interview on 60 Minutes yesterday where she could not answer some basic questions. A CNN report this afternoon says White House officials were “alarmed” by her performance, and on The View this morning all the co-hosts piled on her for doing poorly.

Then there’s President Trump himself. During his Pennsylvania rally on Saturday night, the President talked North Korea, swiped at the media and Oprah Winfrey, and called Chuck Todd a “sleepy-eyed son of a bitch.”

Oh, and he also campaigned for Rick Saccone.

Huckabee Sanders may also get asked about the reports Trump has been looking to bring on another lawyer to help him on the Russia case, something he denied yesterday.

And then, of course, there’s the ongoing saga of Stormy Daniels. The adult film star is now offering to give back the $130,000 in exchange for being able to break her silence and finally share her story. Huckabee Sanders said last week the White House has “extensively” addressed the matter, but it’s likely she’ll be asked more about it again.

Other potential topics include the North Korea negotiations, the Republican resistance to the tariffs, and the announcement from British Prime Minister Theresa May today that it’s “highly likely” Russia was behind the poisoning of a former spy.

The briefing is slated to begin at 2:30 p.m. Watch above, via the White House.

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