Weinstein Accuser Lauren Sivan Describes Encounter: ‘Disgusting and Kind of Pathetic’

After going public with her claims against film mogul Harvey Weinstein in a story published by the Huffington Post Friday — former New York City television reporter Lauren Sivan gave her first TV interview about the allegations to Megyn Kelly.

Appearing on Megyn Kelly Today Monday, Sivan told the disturbing story — in which she claims to have been convinced by Weinstein, while at dinner in a Manhattan restaurant, to take a tour of the kitchen.

We go downstairs. There’s two guys sweeping up in a kitchen. He shoos them away. He tells them to go. And he says, “Let me walk you through.” And we walked through this kitchen into, like a vestibule — where there are bathrooms and a hallway and a door out to this restaurant, was locked. It was closed.

And that’s where he cornered me, in this vestibule, and leaned in and tried to kiss me, which I immediately rebuffed. I said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! I had no idea that’s what this was. I’m sorry. I have a very serious boyfriend and I’m not interested.” And I thought it would end there.

But that’s when he blocked the entrance — or exit for me. And said, “Well, then, just stand there and be quiet.”…[I was] completely shocked. And yet, what is going to happen? Like, stand there and be quiet. I had no idea what was going to happen.

And it happened very quickly. and he immediately exposed himself. and, you know, began pleasuring himself. And I just stood there dumbfounded.

Sivan is the first of Weinstein’s accusers to speak out on television. She condemned the Hollywood titan for his alleged act.

“I was so shocked,” Sivan said. “I could not believe what I was witnessing. Could not believe what I was witnessing. It was disgusting and kind of pathetic, really, to stand there and look at this man, you know?”

Watch above via NBC.

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