What Jon Stewart Had to Say Last Year About Leaving The Daily Show


Jon Stewart did a lot of interviews a few months ago to promote his new film Rosewater, and in a few of them he addressed the idea of leaving The Daily Show, which, funny story, now he is.

Stewart was a bit cagey about leaving when asked by The Daily Beast, simply saying “I’m gonna try and gain some distance and perspective so that when I make the decision, it’s not when my calves are cramping.”

When The Hollywood Reporter asked Stewart back in November if he still likes working on the late night show after 15 years, he said, “I mean, like anything else, you do it long enough, you will take it for granted, or there will be aspects of it that are grinding. I can’t say that following the news cycle as closely as we do and trying to convert that into something either joyful or important to us doesn’t have its fraught moments.”

He addressed a departure in the near future and said, “I’m sure even at this point I’ve overstayed my welcome to a good number of people.”

And in possibly his most descriptive thoughts on the matter to date, Stewart told NPR’s Terry Gross that his feelings about leaving are very mixed, because the second he says he’s out the door, he’s going to immediately regret it and want to get back in.

You can listen to the audio below, via NPR:

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