Why is Bill de Blasio Watching Rats Get Killed With Gas?


In an effort to improve “the greatest city on Earth,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spent his Tuesday wandering the streets of Bushwick and watching the city’s infamous gang of rats get gassed to death.

“We want to make the greatest city on Earth the worst place in the world to be a rat,” tweeted the mayor in a post that included a seven minute video of de Blasio discussing the gassing process and watching professional rat killers in action.

In the clip, de Blasio can be seen approaching the exterminators’ site and inquiring about their rodent killing techniques with child-like fascination.

“Keep doing what you’re doing!” de Blasio exclaimed after the first gas attack was unleashed. “The more the better!”

“You know something? You’re a winner!” He added to the project’s supervisor.

For those equally interested in the rat-killing process, the activity apparently involves dumping large amounts of dry ice into rat burrows, which leads to the suffocation of the unsuspecting creatures.

Though, this process did not prove to be 100 percent effective.

At one point, a live rat scurried around the scene as de Blasio let out a “woah!” The lone survivor didn’t last long however, with its death coming by way of a shovel to the body.

Watch above, via Twitter.

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