‘You Sound Like a Crazy Christian Preacher!’ Matt Schlapp Slaps Donny Deutsch


An emotionally charged MSNBC segment on Thursday started with anchor Nicolle Wallace grilling Matt Schlapp on his defense of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, and ended with Donny Deutsch exchanging fiery words with the conservative guest.

Schlapp, chair of the American Conservative Union, echoed Trump’s rhetoric in his speech that he was “elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” a thick piece of red meat aimed directly at his conservative, climate change-skeptic base.

Schlapp started by criticizing climate legislation under President Obama’s administration, claiming what endures is that “energy prices will increase,” and that “disproportionately hits the working class.”

Wallace asked if it would have been viable for Trump to improve the Paris accord, as opposed to taking a “dark, bleak view,” adding “why should any American have to choose between being a citizen of Pittsburg and being a citizen of the world?”

“Do you see the choice as that stark?” Wallace asked.

“No I don’t. Actually I agree with all the commentary that this is non-binding, so I kind of wonder why there’s all this hyperbole” Schlapp responded, stating he thought the decision to withdraw was “more symbolic.”

“But Matt that’s the point,” Wallace responded, “If it’s symbolic why pull out?”

“All this guy did was stick his name on buildings,” Wallace said, referring to Trump’s real estate career, “why not just leave our name on an accord that makes us look good?”

“But it’s so phony!” Schlapp protested.

“That’s never stopped Donald Trump before, good lord!” Wallace said, before asking Schlapp if he believed in climate change.

Schlapp said he believed the climate “fluctuates,” but argued against “constraining carbon,” claiming that attempts to cut emissions have insignificant affects on the global temperature at the cost of jobs.

And that’s when Deutsch cut in, telling Schlapp that “even tiny improvements — if we go 3.6% warmer, the world ends.”

That’s not true!” Schlapp shot back.

“It is true!” Deutsch said.

“Donny, you sound like a crazy Christian preacher saying the end is near!” Schlapp cried.

“No you sound like a crazy Trump advocate that just drinks whatever he sells,” Deutsch said, “that’s what you sound like, sir.”

At that point, Wallace stepped in to tamp out the flames by wheeling in New York Times White House reporter Peter Baker.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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