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Your Moment Of Glenn: Let’s Make A Deal! (With Radicals)

America, you would be forgiven for sometimes drawing the conclusion that Glenn Beck is in fact the host of some strange game show, particularly if you’ve ever watched him with the sound off. The other week on Mediaite Office Hours, Katie Couric referred to Beck as a “big showman” and boy was that P.T. Barnum side (or perhaps in this case, Monty Hall) on display today. For those of you who missed it, Beck spent the first half of the hour teasing what he had hidden behind the blue curtain.

“I want to show you what revolutionaries look like. I want you to see the faces of a group of radicals who seek change. Not just changing to a new candidate, or a new party, but to fundamentally change the country they were born in. Change the entire system….even willing to die for this change. People who would overthrow those who they once swore allegiance to.”

Ta Da! A chalkboard of the Founding Fathers! The ‘radicals’ who managed to find truth without indoctrination (as opposed to the “socialist, Marxist, radicals” pasted on the flip side of the chalkboard, who make up our current government). It was at this point a co-worker asked me if I thought Beck was advocating overthrowing the government. Perhaps dressed up as a Founding Father? (It is Halloween, after all). I actually have no idea (probably not?). But the video is below, so maybe you can sort it out. (Below that, some further Halloween inspiration.)

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