‘You’re Not Answering!’: CNN’s Cuomo Catches Conway Dodging Trump’s Pay-to-Play Controversy


Thursday morning on CNN’s New Day, host Chris Cuomo peppered Kellyanne Conway on the latest spat of pay-to-play accusations against the President-elect.

The phrase “pay-to-play” was one of the most frequently cited criticisms by Donald Trump on the campaign trail about his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton; as he alleged, the former Secretary of State through the Clinton Foundation was involved in an entangled web of relationships with foreign dignitaries that were given access to the State Department in exchange for lucrative speaking fees.

But now, it is the President-elect himself who is facing allegations of a similar nature after a brochure surfaced that reportedly offered people who donated $1 million the chance to hobnob with Trump and go on a hunting trip with Don Jr. and Eric in connection with Inauguration weekend.

Despite the released statement by the transition team (“The Opening Day event and details that have been reported are merely initial concepts that have not been approved or pursued by the Trump family,” Hope Hicks said) Cuomo peppered Conway directly with the claims head-on.

“Are you aware of that solicitation that was going on and the son’s involvement?” asked Cuomo Thursday; Conway skirted the issue and chose to focus, instead, on some of the good things that Don Jr. and Eric have done instead through their charitable efforts.

As Chris Cuomo correctly pointed out, it’s the same argument that the Clinton team made when they were defending the Clinton Foundation.

“[It’s] very different,” Conway responded over and over.

“That sounds like paying for access!” he continued. “So paying a million dollars to hang with the President is OK?” he said, freezing her in her tracks. “You’re not answering,” he continued.

Conway insisted that the controversy surrounding the brochure if not nearly as problematic as the issues that plagued the Clintons. “If it’s all OK, why are [Don Jr. and Eric] backing away?” Cuomo continued, hitting her on this ripe with glaring hypocrisy.

Watch above via CNN.

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