CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Floats Idea That Joe Biden Suspend His Campaign; Biden Should Kill That Idea with Bleach


In the minutes following President Donald Trump’s announcement that he has tested positive for COVID-19, CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins floated the idea that former Vice President Joe Biden should suspend his campaign.

Just, no. That’s it. That’s the column.

Okay, no it isn’t.

In the early morning, barely 65 minutes after Trump’s announcement, Collins — an excellent reporter who has done God’s work in the briefing room — delivered a report to anchor Don Lemon in which she assessed the fallout from the diagnosis.

“It’s going to raise a lot of questions about the campaign as well, and the future of that,” Collins said, pointing out that “it’s 13 days away is the next presidential debate. Obviously, that is shorter than the 14-day quarantine. That happens, there are still questions about how the president will be tested when they will decide he’s cleared from coronavirus, and really how the next two weeks look for him. If he does develop symptoms if he does not start to feel well like his doctor says he does today.”

“And it raises questions about Joe Biden’s campaign too, Don, and whether or not he’s going to suspend his campaign,” Collins continued. “Thinking back, someone much smarter than me pointed out tonight that back in 1912 when Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt had been an assassination attempt, Woodrow Wilson suspended his campaign and waited for him to recover. So is this a situation like that, where the Biden campaign takes a step like that? Do they continue campaigning over the next few weeks knowing that the president can’t?”

The Biden campaign, as of this writing, has not commented on the diagnosis, hopefully, because they’re busy writing flashcards that say “HELL to the NO!” in preparation for this exact suggestion, which will surely be forthcoming from reporters who never met a silly premise they wouldn’t help change the subject to — and who will doubtless be prompted to do so by Trump surrogates in fairly short order.

Despite the Roosevelt/Wilson example, or JFK’s campaign suspension while Richard Nixon recovered from a knee surgery, there is no precedent for this because Nixon didn’t go around holding knee-smashing rallies, and Roosevelt didn’t wage a campaign to downplay and lie about the risks from assassins. The worst thing Joe Biden could do for Trump the Covid patient is stop trying to unseat Trump the Covid ally.

Fundamental decency may tempt the former VP to make some sort of gesture, but he should resist it. That same decency should compel him to keep fighting for the hundreds of thousands who have died while Trump has been Super-Spreader-in-Chief.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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