Howard Stern Roasts Joe Rogan For Taking Ivermectin Instead of ‘Cure’ Vaccine


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Howard Stern took a shot at Joe Rogan for crediting ivermectin for his recovery from the coronavirus when he could have just gotten vaccinated instead.

The shock-jock radio host spoke to his co-host Robin Quivers about the blowback he got for saying last week that Covid vaccines should be mandatory. At one point, Stern mocked the anti-vaccine “sh*theads” who accuse people of “worshipping” Dr. Anthony Fauci while “they take horse dewormer from a doctor.”

Of course, this is a reference to ivermectin, the anti-parasitic medicine that has been held up as a coronavirus treatment by numerous commentators even though public health officials have warned there’s little to no data actually showing it to be effectual. Rogan, who is unvaccinated, recently came down with Covid, and he took ivermectin along with a litany of other meds as he recuperated from the disease.

Upon his recovery, Rogan lashed out at CNN and other critics who called out his promotions of an unproven Covid remedy. This was noticed by Stern, who remarked that Rogan could have also gotten a vaccine — which Stern heralded as a “cure” — and skipped the whole ordeal.

I heard Joe Rogan was saying ‘what are you busting my balls [for]? I took horse de-wormer and a doctor gave it to me.’ Well a doctor would also give you a vaccine, so why take horse-dewormer?

Stern went on to muse about what the situation would have been like if Covid anti-vaxers were around to reject the vaccine for polio. He also once again mocked how “all this anti-science goes out the window” when people wind up in the emergency room for Covid.

“There’s never been one that said ‘I’m so glad I refused. I’m so happy that I can’t breathe. This is a wonderful way to die, it was worth it because I didn’t take the vaccine,'” Stern said.

At another point, Stern tripled down on his lack of sympathy for “imbeciles” who’ve been hospitalized for Covid after refusing to get vaccinated. He also suggested that those people shouldn’t even bother going to the hospital if that’s what ends up happening.

“We have no time for idiots in this country anymore,” Stern said. “We don’t want you. We want you to all, either go the hospital, and stay home, die there with your Covid. Don’t take the cure, but don’t clog up our hospitals with your Covid when you finally get it. Stay home, don’t bother with science, it’s too late. Go f*ck yourself, we just don’t have time for you.”

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