Stephen A. Smith Calls on Dems to Ditch Biden for Gavin Newsom, But Admits California Governor Has One ‘Problematic’ Flaw


Stephen A. Smith praised California Governor Gavin Newsom as a potential 2024 candidate — but admitted there’s one thing about his leadership that he finds “problematic.”

Smith discussed former President Donald Trump’s fundraising in the wake of his fourth indictment and warned that the Democrats need to alter their strategy to retain the White House in 2024.

While Newsom has not publicly announced any intention to run for president in 2024, it hasn’t stopped people from throwing his hat into the ring as a younger alternative to President Joe Biden — including Smith.

“You have any idea how stupid you’re going to look as a party [if you nominate Biden]?” Smith said.”First of all, you look stupid enough because you call yourself progressives. And you’re riding the coattails of a guy that’s going to be 82 years old during election year, begging him to run for reelection.”

“You call yourself progressives and the best you can do is an 82-year-old that’s already in office, an 82-year-old incumbent. I personally believe if it wasn’t for these damn high taxes out here in California, I would be a Gavin Newsom supporter,” Smith insisted.

Smith praised Newsom holding his own in a interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity earlier this year.

“I’ve never seen, since Biden has been president, anyone on the liberal side that has been more forceful, more convincing, and more defying against the right than Gavin Newsom. And more effective. He was brilliant,” Smith said.

“But then I come out to California and these damn taxes, they invent ways to take your money in this state. So that might be problematic.
But I got to tell you. I still approve of that. Better than you rely on an 82 year old candidate,” Smith said.

Watch above via The Stephen A. Smith Show.

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