Alan Dershowitz Insists Paul Manafort Can’t Be Used as Witness ‘Because He’s Lied So Much’

During a Saturday interview on Fox News, legal scholar Alan Dershowitz said both Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen have lied too much to be credible on the witness stand.

“The special counsel says that Paul Manafort lied to federal prosecutors in a heavily redacted memo. Do you think anything more is going come out of that?” guest host Nicole Saphier asked Dershowitz.

“Well, redaction generally means that there’s something they’re hiding from the public,” Dershowitz began before casting doubt at both Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen’s ability to be a witness.

“Manafort can’t ever be used as a witness because he’s lied so much. The same is true of Cohen, but what’s really a problem with the report is they can use Cohen and Manafort because they’re not going to be subject to cross-examination. They would never dream of putting them on a witness stand as actual witnesses subject to cross-examination but they can use their material in a report.”

He added that that is an “unfair aspect” of prosecutorial reports and that is why, in general, prosecutors don’t issue them.

Watch above, via Fox News


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