Biden Campaign Blasts Trump’s ‘Horsesh*t’ Claims in New Video on ‘What Really Happened in Ukraine’


Andrew Bates, the rapid response director for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, released a new video responding to attempts by President Donald Trump and his allies to turn the Ukraine scandal against the former vice president.

In his new video, What Really Happened in Ukraine, Bates starts by presenting the timeline for how Biden lead the charge that caused Viktor Shokin to be fired from his job as Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Bates noted that not only was Biden advancing U.S. policy at the time, but also Shokin was internationally accused of fostering corruption within the Ukrainian government.

“Everyone from the EU to the IMF, Republican senators, the entire anti-corruption activist community in Ukraine, desperately wanted him fired,” Bates said. “He was being protested in the streets and Joe Biden was the person who got him out of office.”

Bates moved on from there to address Trump’s claims that Biden covered for his son, Hunter, by getting Shokin fired while Burisma, the natural gas company Hunter worked for, was under investigation.

“The clinical term for that is horsesh*t,” Bates said. He went on to note the Burisma investigation pertained to matters that happened years before Hunter’s employment, plus Shokin allowed the investigation to go cold by the time he was fired.

“The truth of this is the exact opposite of what Donald Trump has been telling you,” said Bates. “The fact is that getting [Shokin] out of office meant it was more likely that Burisma would face any scrutiny.”

Bates goes on to say Trump “was caught red-handed undermining our national security in trying to force a foreign country to smear the candidate he’s terrified of running against.” He also called the claims against Biden a “malicious and conclusively debunked conspiracy theory” undermined by numerous pieces of evidence and testimony from the House’s impeachment hearings on the Ukraine scandal.

UPDATE – 7:35 p.m. ET: GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest responded to Bates by noting that Daria Kaleniuk, the Ukrainian activist who was featured in the video speaking about Shokin’s corruption, is also on-record saying Hunter Biden “did a very bad thing” by taking the Burisma job.

Watch above, via TeamJoe.

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