Chris Christie: I Turned Down Seven Job Offers To Serve in the Trump Administration


Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R) claims he turned down seven job offers President Donald Trump extended to him.

During an interview on Wednesday with Mediaite founder Dan Abrams, Christie took questions from a caller who criticized him for backing Trump. The caller ripped the president for his lies and as “the guy who you know is corrupt, but you’d probably be working for him now if [Jared] Kushner hadn’t backstabbed you.”

“If I wanted to be in this administration, I would be,” Christie retorted. “I’ve been offered seven different jobs by the president by the president and I turned them all down.”

When asked what jobs were those, Christie said Trump twice offered him the position of Secretary of Labor, and he was also offered the chance to be Secretary of Homeland Security, White House Chief of Staff, Ambassador to Italy, and Ambassador to the Vatican.

On a separate but related note, Washington Post’s Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig released a preview of their upcoming book about the Trump administration, and it sheds some light on how Christie said no to the chief of staff job. Interestingly, Trump released details about that private conversation despite how much he despises leakers within his administration.

Listen above, via SiriusXM.

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