Conservatives Aren’t Buying Tlaib’s Israel Trip Narrative: Maybe She ‘Doesn’t Really Want a Visit With Her Grandmother’


Rep. Rashida Tlaib won’t be accepting the offer by Israel to allow her to visit her grandmother. The nation, which barred her visit initially, made an exception on humanitarian grounds that Tlaib could visit if she agreed to their conditions.

Tlaib, under pressure from the radical group who sponsored her visit, requested and then un-accepted that invitation. She tweeted about her decision, saying that “treating me like a criminal” is not her grandmother would want for her.

She said she can’t “allow the State of Israel to take away” the light she is shining on “inhumane” conditions” by “humiliating” her.

Contrary to the notion that she was being silenced by Israel, though, her own letter requesting the visit specified she would not engage in BDS activity.

But the on-again-off-again visit was more like a PR stunt than an actual effort on her part, according to some.

The group that sponsored the trip, which pressured Tlaib not to accept the humanitarian visit with her grandmother in exchange for agreeing not to participate in anti-Israel activity while there, is also facing heavy criticism.

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