Fox Host Gushes Over DeSantis Despite Frosty Jacksonville Reception: He is ‘A Servant’ and ‘Steward of the People’


Fox News host Emily Compagno gushed about Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) being a “steward of the people” after he was booed at a vigil for victims of a racially-motivated shooting that killed three in Jacksonville.

The segment began with a clip of DeSantis being heckled at the vigil.  Democratic Councilwoman Ju’Coby Pittman eventually stepped in and told the crowd, “It ain’t about parties today,” and to let DeSantis finish his remarks.

“Emily, you saw two examples of leadership in that clip, didn’t we?” said co-host Tammy Bruce, reacting to the clip. “So, you have Ron DeSantis, not afraid to go to that crowd — that state elected him, so he knows people across parties voted for him, as well. It was the right thing to do, it was empathetic, he started immediately on what he could do when it came to funds. And that local leader stepped up, and what I noticed, and what I think has to be discussed is when she said, ‘There’s no politics today; there’s no parties.’ That’s when you heard more applause.”

“So, we have the federal level coming steady and strong like an oak, saying, ‘This is the funding I’m going to give, my deepest condolences, my heart breaks for you.’ And the local councilwoman who says, ‘Hold on, guys, a bullet knows no party. Let’s let this governor speak, let’s let him lead,'” Compagno said, continuing:

I really appreciated that level of connection that we saw. And, especially when he went on to talk, when he was expressing to his constituents about the impending storm, and saying so clearly, so down to earth, saying, “You don’t need to leave the state. The state, we’ve got you here, you just need to get to higher ground, and this is what you need.”

He suspended his campaign to engage and connect with local and state constituents because he, at his heart, is a servant, because he understands he’s a steward of the people. Because it’s such a stark contrast with so many others, including our current commander in chief, who at all times, I feel, is reading a script, or is doing what he’s told to do, and that actual connection is non-existent.

Tropical Storm Idalia is set to hit Florida as at least a Category 3 hurricane this week.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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