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Kamala Harris Pushes Back on ‘Is Trump a White Supremacist’ Question: ‘You Should Ask Him That’

Is President Donald Trump a White Supremacist? In light of the deadly El Paso shooting in which the assailant’s manifesto parroted the president’s anti-immigration rhetoric, that question is absurdly germane in today’s political climate.

So it is no surprise that Democratic nomination hopeful Senator Kamala Harris was asked to opine on Trump’s alleged pro-White Supremacy position, one that he and his supporters steadfastly deny. Harris was asked this twice on Thursday, and each time she demurred, refusing to answer the question directly. Each time she replied with “I think you should ask him that question.”

During a campaign tour of Sioux City, Iowa, Politico reporter Christopher Cadelago asked Harris the question, to which she first noted Trump’s divisive campaign rhetoric before pushing back. Then later in the day during a CNN interview on her campaign bus, Harris offered a similar, more fleshed out answer that put the honus back on the reporter.

Was Harris playing it safe, trying to avoid a divisive “Senator Harris Calls Trump a White Supremacist” headline? Or, was she making a larger point that the political press seems far more focused on Democratic contender commentary on President Trump than asking the man himself on where he stands.

So, which is it? Is Harris refusing to answer the question to avoid negative attention from potential independent voters who may feel loose and unfounded claims of racism to be divisive and distasteful? Or is she making a smart meta-commentary on the media itself?

Maybe it’s both?

Watch both clips above via Politico and CNN.


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