Rep. Pramila Jayapal Arrested Protesting Trump’s Zero Tolerance Immigration Policies

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) was arrested at a rally to protest the conditions migrant families and children are being kept in under President Donald Trump‘s immigration policy.

Earlier on Thursday, Jayapal sent out his tweet, showing her arm held up and surrounded by #FamiliesBelongTogether protesters at the nation’s capital.

“We are in ALUMINUM blankets to symbolize the shoddy conditions children and mothers are being held in,” she tweeted out.

Video of the protest showed mostly women sitting and chanting at the Hart Building. It is unclear what, exactly, precipitated the arrests.

In response to her arrest, the Congresswoman sent out a second tweet noting she was among 500 arrested.

“So I got arrested,” she began, added that there were approximately 500 women who were arrested with her on Capitol Hill. “These women..they understand that it is far beyond politics, this is about right and wrong and we have to stand up.”

She also pledged to participate in another protest this weekend, writing on Twitter, “June 30 we’re putting ourselves in the street again.”

[image via Twitter]

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