Rep. Steve Scalise Continues To Lie About Democrats Wanting to Murder Babies


Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) appeared on Fox & Friends and repeated false information about infanticide that he made during an appearance he made on America’s Newsroom in February. Scalise falsely claimed that the New York state late-term abortion bill that was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) last year allows for the murdering of babies after they are born.

This parrots a comment made by President Donald Trump during a Thursday night political rally in which he falsely claimed that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) argued for “executing” a baby after birth.

Northam is a pediatric neurologist who spoke during a radio interview a few months ago about giving birth to a nonviable newborn and having a discussion between doctors and parents about life support. Once the child is born, it no longer is an issue of choice/abortion and the set of laws that apply are exactly the same as the “do not resuscitate” regulations that would apply to a terminal cancer patient or a dying elderly family member. The reference was not simply killing a newborn baby, as has been falsely promoted.

Scalise’s TV appearance was in support of a discharge petition he filed for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which ensures that care is provided to infants born alive, establish reasonable protections for them and prosecute those who abdicate their responsibility to care for these helpless newborns. It is ostensibly in reaction to Northam’s comments which Democrats have opposed noting that its nothing but a political stunt, that the rights of newborn individuals are covered by existing laws.

Rep. Scalise’s office reached out to Mediaite in February asking us to correct the report of his false claim of infanticide. Their request was declined, as our characterization of his remarks was completely accurate.

At issue is the specifics of the New York statute, which as written, clearly states the parameters or late-term abortion, and also makes clear that the death of a viable is considered a homicide and considered manslaughter in the first degree. Please read the statute here, but a summary via FactCheck:

The RHA permits abortions when — according to a medical professional’s “reasonable and good faith professional judgment based on the facts of the patient’s case” — “the patient is within twenty-four weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or the abortion is necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.”

In other words, women may choose to have an abortion prior to 24 weeks; pregnancies typically range from 38 to 42 weeks. After 24 weeks, such decisions must be made with a determination that there is an “absence of fetal viability” or that the procedure is “necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.” That determination must be made by a “health care practitioner licensed, certified, or authorized” under state law, “acting within his or her lawful scope of practice.”

Previously, abortions after 24 weeks were justified only in cases where the mother’s life was at risk — which was inconsistent with a part of the Roe decision, as we explain later.

The overt politicization of the rare but still heart-breaking instances of giving birth to nonviable infants has been a common refrain. And the false claim that laws are allowing the murder of newborns — and that’s what the Democratic party is in support of (as Scalise states in this interview) — is a remarkable new level of political discourse.

Shockingly, these false allegations that “Democrats are for killing babies” are so rote at this point, that a numb body politic simply shrugs their shoulders and ignores it. And perhaps that’s the scariest part of the whole deal.

Mediaite has reached out to the office of Rep. Scalise for clarification on where he is citing this info. They have not returned that request for comment.

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