Sean Hannity Interprets Trump Rally Chant: Didn’t Really Mean ‘Send Her Back’ But That Her ‘Views Are Repugnant’

Speaking with Fox News contributor Dan Bongino on Thursday night, host Sean Hannity addressed the “send her back” chant from President Trump‘s rally this week, and offered an interpretation of the crowd’s reaction. They weren’t saying “send her back” per se, he argued, but instead were criticizing her views.

Twice in the long discussion of the topic, Hannity outlined aspects of Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s country of birth, Somalia, that are less tolerant than anything here in the United States, including death penalty punishment for abortion doctors and for LGBTQ citizens, he said. Hannity argued that the interpretation of Trump’s comments, both in his tweet and at the rally, is that Trump is suggesting Omar “fix” countries like Somalia before criticizing countries like the United States.

“She comes from a country where abortion is imprisonment or even assisting in such, where if you say anything bad about Islam, you’re going to jail, but if you happen to be gay, you’re going to jail,” said Hannity. “The President says, alright, go fix that country, your country of origin.”

“Then you can come back and tell us how to fix this place after you fix that place,” said Hannity. “I think the people of North Carolina were taking–I don’t think they were saying send her back as much as they’re saying, these views are repugnant.”

Bongino remarked that Americans are getting “tired of having this country crapped on, constantly, by far-leftists that can’t admit that overall, we’re a great place.”

Hannity asked if his theory about what the chanters really meant sounded true. “Do you believe that’s what the people were chanting last night in North Carolina? About how outrageous–this is a country that has opened its hearts to people from every country around the world. Was that what they were angry about?”

“I think so,” said Bongino. Although he added “I wouldn’t have said ‘send her back’ personally. I think the president has spoken out about that as well.”

“He did,” Hannity agreed.

“But I get why people would be upset,” said Bongino.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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