Sen. Joe Manchin Calls for Censure of President Trump as Alternative to Impeachment


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) called for the censure of President Donald Trump, Monday, as a way to “formally denounce the President’s actions” and unite the two parties without impeachment.

“I see no path to the 67 votes required to impeach President Trump and haven’t since this trial started,” said Manchin. “However, I do believe a bipartisan majority of this body would vote to censure President Trump for his actions in this matter.”

“Censure would allow this body to unite across party lines and as an equal branch of gov’t formally denounce the President’s actions and hold him accountable,” he argued, adding, “His behavior cannot go unchecked by the Senate and a censure would allow a bipartisan statement condemning his unacceptable behavior in the strongest terms.”

Manchin has developed a friendly relationship with President Trump and his administration since 2016, and in June 2018, he said endorsing 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “was a mistake.”

In the same month, he released an advertisement supporting President Trump’s border wall plans.

Manchin said as of today he remains undecided on whether he’ll vote to convict or acquit the president.

Watch above via Fox News.

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