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‘And the Oscar Goes to…!’: Megyn Kelly Mocks Clinton for Staged Campaign Moments

MSNBC Host Reports on Christie Announcement Using Only Horrible Driving Puns

5 Ways Liberals Are Consoling Themselves After Devastating Midterms

MSNBC Hosts Rationalize Dem Losses: Not Standing with Obama Is ‘Not a Good Look’

O’Reilly, Goldberg Mercilessly Mock MSNBC & Krystal Ball Over MH17 Prank Call

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball: ‘Is Hillary Clinton Our Mitt Romney?’

Maher on Cantor Defeat: Now 100% of House Republicans are Christian

The Cycle Asks Question on Everyone’s Mind: Isn’t Bergdahl’s Story Just Like Homeland?

MSNBCers Suggest Calls for Hillary’s Medical Records Are ‘Sexist’, Birther-Like

The White House Goes to War with Elizabeth Warren

The Pending Implosion of the ‘Check Your Privilege’ Movement

MSNBC Host Defends Claim That Animal Farm Can Be About Capitalism; Is She Right?

Elizabeth Warren Seizes Democratic Hearts; Will Hillary Risk Another Embarrassment?

Krystal Ball: This Supreme Court Has Decided ‘Racism Is Over’

Krystal Ball: Cliven Bundy and His Supporters Are ‘Gun-Toting, Anti-Patriots’

Touré Backs ‘Electable’ Hillary over ‘Inexperienced’ Elizabeth Warren

WTF Was MSNBC’s ‘Racial Draft’ All About?

Krystal Ball: De Blasio Admin Handled Snow Storm ‘Exactly Wrong’

‘What Is Rush’s Problem?’ Sharpton and Krystal Ball Slam ‘Nasty’ Attack on Michelle Obama

Author of New Clinton Book: Hillary’s ‘Big Achievement’ to Tout in 2016 Is Obamacare

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