WATCH: Marianne Williamson Tells Child Reporter that Her Pet Cat Died

Marianne Williamson appears to have been a big winner from Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate that aired on CNN, as her pithy and candid assessments of a variety of topics cut through the typical political rhetoric.

Williamson showed off this signature candor as she was asked a post-debate question from a very young reporter who sweetly asked if she had a pet. The self-help guru did not sugarcoat her answer to the young boy with a pen and paper, telling him that she once owned a cat, but that the cat died. A hard truth that could not be sugar-coated.

The best-selling author of over a dozen self-help books is the very definition of a non-traditional candidate, which was on display as her answers to questions about standard issues like health care and immigration, for example, were simple and honest enough to connect with viewers eager for a transcendent moment to move on from the typical talking points.

Dead pets — cats or other — are not typical talking points, but her willingness to “tell it like it is” reminds one of the great Mayor “Diamond Joe” Quimby and his willingness to call out constituents. “Give us hell Quimby” may be a foreshadowing for a similar pro-Williamson refrain in the coming months?


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