Christine Blasey Ford Facing Death Threats So Severe She Had to Move Out of Her Home


Christine Blasey Ford initially wished to remain anonymous, but eventually her name came out and she now faces testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her allegation, presented first in a letter, that Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavaugh sexually assaulted her. Since her name became public, reported the New York Times today, Ford has been inundated with harassment and threats.

Ford has been “inundated with vulgar email and social media messages,” reports the Times, including death threats. Citing “a person close to” Ford who also wishes to remain anonymous, they report that the harassment has been so severe she has had to move herself and her children out of their home, and is arranging for “private security.”

“From what I’ve heard you have 6 months to live, you disgusting slime,” said one of the messages, according to the Times.

“Ninety percent of people think she’s a hero and are extremely supportive of her, and 10 percent want her to die immediately,” the person said, adding, “Her worst fears are coming true.”

The article also goes into great detail on the current state of the hearing, the potential testimony from Kavanaugh and Ford, and how Democrats and Republicans are handling the situation.

CNN reported on the ugly situation and the threats, and you can watch the clip above courtesy of FNC.

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